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Animations with onion skinning.


Mini view with customizable level of zoom for quick preview.

Dropbox and Google Drive integration;

Interface designed to 4.7"+ device screens, minimalist and cohesive.

Designed with touch-screens in mind.

Some interfaces work great when you have a keyboard to help you use shortcuts, but then, when working on a touchscreen, the good experience goes down the drain. That's why Pixly was made for touch-screens, You have easy access to important features with gestures that feel natural. For example, even though the "Color picker" tool is there, you can pretty much pick colors just by dragging from the color selector to the artboard. gif here

Contextual tools for easy access

Switching between two tools everytime? Eraser then brush, then eraser, then brush, then eraser... You think doing that without a keyboard will be hard? Think again!

Undo and Redo that WORKS.

Every change goes through the memento system, and you can undo everything. It works seamlessly for batch operations, effects, transforms, selection and much more.

Since you're on a phone or on a tablet, why not socialize?

You can share your work, check the latest @PixelDailies themes and @DailySilhouette from twitter, and even share as gifs!

Text drawing.

Highly-customizable spray tool

Circle and Rect

Selection, magic-wand, selection brush.

Load your palettes (JASC-PAL, ACT or ACO)

Manage them, sort the colors...

Colors may be easily added to existing palettes.

Recent colors

4 Color Systems to help you pick the best colors: RGB, CMY, HSB and HUSL.

HUSL is a color system which helps you pick colors while maintaining the human apparent lightness.

Color ramp generator (experimental)

Color mixer, square and even custom polygons(polygons are experimental)

Brush size applicable to all tools

Brush hardness


Free Transform

Transparent or solid background, you choose

Patterns and custom patterns for pattern-fill and pattern-stamp tools.

Contiguous and non-contiguous paint bucket fills

Gradient tool with customizable color amount limit, amount of dithering and dithering pattern.

Arcs and Curves.

Color filters such as Hue shift, Grayscale and Blur

Useful snippets such as Draw Edges and Color Replace

Tile images and edit them in realtime.

Symmetry done easy

Mirrors can be setup at any angle desired and any offset. You can even put more than one mirror in!

Work with a reference below the artboard

To help you pixel that good HD image.

Configurable grids

Get grids going, you may place as many grids as you want, and they may have any size, color and offset.


Touch coordinates to help you see exactly where your finger is.

Background color is customizable

Smooth, fast and with good performance

Most work (exception are some complicated tools) is done on the GPU. From brushes to gradients, graphics shaders on GPU do all the work, so everything is very fast.

The performance is so good you can even make HUUUUGE arts and animations. By huge I mean up to 4098x4098.

Results may vary from device to device!

Canvas may be resized at will at any time.

Advanced Copy&Paste.

You can copy any selection and paste on any layer/frame.