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This section has guides for the features that are already present in pixly, where you can learn more from these.

The Basics

Here's where everyone should start. This section covers what you need to know to start using pixly, from artboard to basic brush.


Dig through these to learn more about the timeline and how to manage frames. Making animations is cool!

Color and brush

Primary and secondary colors, selecting colors, palettes... All you should know!


Build complex and/or modular scenes with layers. Might worth reading to know a shortcut or two.


How to make the most common operations with selections.

Mini view

Learn about it and the big preview mode.


This is a quite important section. Learn how the toolbar works, what goes to the Quick access, and most important, read about all the tools.


Undo, Redo, and what might go in there.

The lack of a keyboard in touchscreen devices makes this section very important. Most of what you accomplish will be found here, instead of in keyboard shortcuts, so give it a go.