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Gradient fill


If you used this tool on GIMP or Photoshop, it does exactly the same, but the amount of colors can be limited, and you can decide how much dithering it will include.

The gradient will be applied with the primary and secondary colors.

By default, it is limited to 4 colors, and the dithering is set to 60% on the transitions. You can change that on the settings


The gradient will be applied on the entire artboard, unless you have something selected, which will then, be limited to that selection.


  • Color Limit

    How many colors will be used in the gradient. You can choose a discrete amount, or leave it unlimited

  • Dithering

    How much dithering should be applied on color transitions. Default is 60%.


    10%~20% is a good range of values for a more retro feel.

  • Dither pattern

    A shortcut to change the pattern of the dither.

(This sample had 4 colors and dithering set to 12%)