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Scatterer (Spray)


It will scatter pixels under your finger, they may be all of the selected color, or they may be of a defined range. The amount of pixels, and how often they are scattered can also be fully changed.

You may know it by the name spray on other art software.


  • Speed

    Also known as amount, it's how many pixels will be put by the scatterer each time it paints.

  • Interval

    This decides how often the scatterer will paint during continuous strokes. Think of this as "How much does my finger have to move before the scatterer will paint again". 0 is immediately, 50 is after a big while.

  • Variation values

    These are how much will that parameter variate from the current color. This values count both up and down variation, e.g.: If my selected color has a hue of 130°130\degree, and I set the Hue Variation setting to 20°20\degree, then the scatterer will scatter colors with hue between 120°120\degree and 140°140\degree (which is 130°±202°130\degree \pm \frac{20}{2}\degree). The same rule applies to the other parameters.

    Setting the all variation to 00 will make the scatterer spit only pixels of the color of your selected color.